Deliverable DVI:2:

10 Prototypes of learning objects in Biohydrometallurgy
(this page is also an attachment to the DVI:2 report)

Note: these objects are prototypes for testing and revision of form, function and content. They be revised and updated and distributed to learning objects repositories. During the BioMiNE project period this web address ( will be the home for downloading them in various formats. Other object will be added, some rather soon, other later in the project.

All these objects should be viewable in an Internet browser of Your choice. You need a Flash player for viewing some of the objects, an PowerPoint viewer for other (download here). These viewers are part of most web browsers, so in most cases it is no problem at all.

The list:
A Mining landscape (Flash narrative, general level – start with this one!) AUTHORS: Anna Bauer, Skeria and Prof Åke Sandström, LTU

Web book in hydrometallurgy: 4) Leaching Theory (HTML tutorial) (10 other parts to come very soon . index here) AUTHOR Prof Åke Sandström, LTU

Microbiology for engineers (PPT slide series, Umu. These lack lecture audio which will be added. These will be available also in Flash format with audio) AUTHOR: Dr E Börje Lindström UMU

Metal Immobilisation Processes (HTML tutorial, NTUA) AUTHORS:  Dr Emmanouela Remoundaki, Dr Artin Hatzikioseyan, NTUA

Sulfate-Reduction-based bioprocesses in mining biotechnology (HTML tutorial, TUT) Dr Anna Kaksonen, TUT

Molecular approaches for microbial community analysis (HTML tutorial, TUT) Dr Anna Kaksonen, TUT

Electro-Winning (HTML tutorial, TR) AUTHORS: Carlos Frías, José Ignacio Lozano, Francisco Sánchez

How to evaluate a mineral deposit (HTML tutorial, TR) AUTHORS: María Frades,  Carlos Frías, Pablo Romero, Francisco Sánchez TR

Microbial Consortia (Flash with interaction) AUTHOR: Anna Bauer, Skeria

Bioleaching mechanisms (Flash with interaction) AUTHOR: Anna Bauer, Skeria

Biohydrometallurgy mindmap (html layered mindmap with short articles) AUTHOR: Anna Bauer, Skeria

Glossary for Biohydrometallurgy (begun by TR – contribute!)

Flow chart (metal precipitation by biologically produced H2S) PRODUCER: Anna Bauer AUTHOR: Henk Dijkman

These objects are also close to prototype state and will show up on this page soon:

History of Bioleaching (Skeria)

FAQ Bioleaching

Treatment of process liquid and effluents in Bioreactors (NTUA)

If You have opinions or suggestions or questions about these objects, send mail to the creator of the object (names to be found inside the objects) or to the WP6 coordinator anders.norberg -at this domain- (replace – at this domain- with @)