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I need to find a way for one group of visitors to edit talk-pages but not articles. I found an interesting discussion on the theme ...There seem to be at least two ways to achieve this, either use the Talkright-extension or use NamespaceProtection. If I want to use namespaceprotection I need to upgrade to MediaWiki v1.10. Since v1.10 is recently releast, about one week ago, I'll wait a bit with upgrading to see if there are any child diseases ...


The image map on the mainpage need to be complemented with some kind of alphabetic list of the articles in the wiki. There seems to be three ways to do it:

  • Use the Special:Allpages to provide an automatically generated list of all pages in the wiki: Provide a link, eiter in the navigation bar or under the picture on the mainpage to Special:Allpages Alphabetic list of all pages in the wiki.
    • Advantages
      • Automatic. Need no involvement from either administrator or user.
      • Very easily and quickly done
    • Disadvantages
      • The provided list contains all pages in the main-namespace, that is all pages that have not yet been categorized to other namespaces (like Anna Bauer). Also, the list contain pages with the same content but with different names (like Leaching and Leaching (mobilization)).
      • The provided list appear incalculable. It is tricky to get a perspective of existing pages when they are not categorized.
  • Sort articles "semi-manually": Try to add one (or several?) categories to every page. A category may then be included in another category. For example a category named top-level or perhaps all pages is then including all available categories and can be used to list all pages.
  • Sort articles manually. Do a template like one of the table of contents (Alphabetic lists) in wikipedia. Then do a headline for every letter (#A will provide an anchor to the A-headline). Go to All-pages and add all words on A under headline A.

I'll go for the category-method! And maybe add an alphabetic list to the undercategories if necesary. More TOC templates. [The root of wikipedia]


I've downloaded useful pictures (licensed under the Creative Commons) from the site "The Science Creative Quarterly".


I've just found out there is an extension for converting and importing word into MediaWiki-articles though I have not yet tried it. I looked for but didn't find extension to convert powerpoint-presentations into MediaWiki format. Then I would convert Eetus ppt to mediawiki (I don't think I have the time to cut and paste). The presentation is about unit operations in metallurgy.


I'm hesitating ... Which of these alternatives is the best? /

  1. Categorize the normal way, that is, put category code [[Category:Microbiology]] in article.
  2. Put category-code inside template and put template in article so that category becomes included in article. Probably template should have same name as the category.

Pros and cons for alternative 1:

  • +More easy to understand for wiki-beginners
  • -If a better name for a category is found, all articles of the category need to be changed.
    • Changes could be done manually or perhaps with a bot. I don't yet know anything about bots.

Pros and cons for alternative 2:

  • +All articles in a category could get the same insertion of text (for example an explanation or warning) by one change in the template.
  • +If the category-name appears to be bad for some reason it can be changed with one change in the template. **-But, if so, the template and category would get different names which might be confusing. (Unless, of course, I also change the template for every article in the group. Which doesn't seem to be a good idea)
  • -If, let's say, articles in the same category are of several groups, they may not need the same template. But is there such a case?
    • -If so, I would probably end up with putting the template in some of the articles and only the category in others. Which probably would lead to confusion sooner or later.

It is tricky whether to construct a new article of a subject or to make it part of a longer article under a higher maintopic. For example, should Roasting be a separate article or a part of the article on pyrometallurgy? It matters when it comes to linking and categorizing.


Extension matrix


Interesting way to handle quality issues of the articles


Would be good to be able to choose between existing categories. This seem to be an interesting extension. [1]. I also discovered a parser extension, that is an extension that let you evaluate some expression and then react with a text-string depending on the result.


To add more namespaces you need a further variable in LocalSettings.php with the name $wgExtraNamespaces. All namespaces are numbered and your own begin at 100. Even numbers, indicate normal areas, uneven numbers denote discussion namespaces. For example:

$wgExtraNamesspaces = array( 100 => "Article name", 101 => "Article name_Discussion");

$wgNamespacesWithSubpages = array( -1 => 0, 0 => 0, ... 100 => 1, 101 => 1);

$wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault = array( -1 => 0, 0 => 1, ... 100 => 1, 101 => 1);

Granting permissions in MediaWiki is done according to the whitelist principle:

  1. Non-registered users are not excluded from having access:

$wgWhitelistEdit = false; $wgWhitelistRead = false;

If you want to limit editing privileges only to registered users: $wgWhitelistEdit = true; $wgWhitelistRead = false;

To release only certain pages for general editing

$wgWhitelistAccount = array ( "user" => 1, "sysop" => 1, "developer" => 1);

It would be nice in the future to make:

  • all pages free to read
  • discussion pages free to edit
  • articles free to edit if you are a registered user.

To do this, remember to insert a spamfilter and first try it out on a test-wiki


Upgrading to MediaWiki: 1.11.0 show tables; describe user; select user_name,user_email from user where user_email_authenticated is NULL; select user_name,user_email from user where user_email_authenticated is NOT NULL;


The table user.


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