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This wiki is for basic learning content

BioMineWiki is intended for learning and orientation purposes. The wiki should contain basic information useful for understanding and learning, and not the latest research discoveries and hypotheses.

A wiki is a living reference tool, which can give much help, but where all users must be critical when reading since it is the result of an ongoing collective process. If You cannot accept this, a wiki is not the right tool for You.

Generally on Copyrights

All text on this wiki is CC-BY-SA 3.0. Generally all images on this wiki and other Biomine learning objects are free to use (but not to sell), licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike License. However, in many cases more free licenses are applied. All images have description pages (click an image to go to description page). If nothing is mentioned the images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike License. But sometimes more free licenses like CC-BY-SA apply. See for example the license here: Image:Microbes_as_geological_agents071109.png.

When You write in this wiki:

Please know that what You write about a subject can be changed and augmented by someone else. This is the idea with a wiki, and this is what can make a good wiki very useful and up-to-date. All changes can be seen in the history folder of a page. Only experts in the involved subjects can become registered users and change information. But all users can pose questions and express opinions in the discussion folder of each page. And - this is very important - refrain from adding information that in any way can violate some organisations IPR, intellectual property rights!

When You upload an image or a document to this wiki:

Make sure You own the rights to upload. Please license it under a Creative Commons license so You can declare what people can do with it, if they can use it in teaching or in other documents when the creator is referenced, etc. If it is uploaded without this information people cannot use it in other ways than to read and look, This licensing only takes a minute or two.

When You upload an image or a document (that someone else owns the right to) to this wiki:

Please ensure that You have the permission to do so, and declare it by "Published with the permission of ..." or "By courtesy of ..." or similar information. A copyrighted file that is uploaded with permission like this, cannot be used for other purposes without another permission, etc. If it is licensed under an open licence such as Creative Commons or GNU license, it does not need any further permission. Remember that You can always make a link to a file to a document or image elsewhere. But dont´t upload it if it is not declared free to use or You have a special permission.

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