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There are several ways to contribute to BioMineWiki. Your help is surely welcome! We need readers, editors, specialists, generalists, reviewers, proof-readers, designers ... You name it!

  • Edit. Add text, pictures, diagrams to increase the knowledge base. Why not add the good picture that you produced last month and that is now stored on your local computer?
    • Improve existing articles
    • Add new articles
    • Upload pictures
  • Clarify and improve explanations. Words and sentances may need to be added, subtracted or rearranged in order to make the text easier to understand and follow. Linking to other associated articles can sometimes be helpful to improve the pedagogic quality.
  • Improve structure and style. Advance navigation and structure among articles by
    • making lists
    • adding headings
    • breaking down long pages into several more focused ones
  • Correct grammar and spelling errors, improve language and style. Maybe you speak English very well and realise there are better ways to compose a sentence.
  • Comment and plan content on discussion-pages
  • Proof-read - check the facts!
  • Assign page creation to your class.
    • Create a template page for your assignment, which you may edit to meet your needs
  • Link to BioMineWiki from your or your company's homepage
  • Invite colleagues to register

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