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The language of BioMineWiki is English.

The reason for following the naming conventions and giving articles and images descriptive names is to make BioMineWiki searchable. When you stick to the article subject other users can easily link to said article. The article or image name sets certain expectations on the content.

Concerning articles

Make sure the title describes the page as precisely as possible. Succinct page title names facilitate user orientation and article searches.

Concerning images

When you upload images to BioMineWiki try to give as a descriptive and specific name as possible.

For example an image called gel1 is not a good name. Specify for example the type of gel and the type of compound that is analysed in the gel. Then other users can find and use this image for more purposes. Image or image1 or imageSmall are unacceptable names that say nothing about the content of the image. Such images are not searchable.

It is not possible to change name of the image after upload. Therefore reupload the image with a better name and let the somebody with sysop-rights delete the image with the bad (nondescriptive) name.

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