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The purpose of BioMineWiki:News is to inform about events related to the BioMineWiki.


Attending the IBS Symposium in Bariloche 2009

  • I’m going to the IBS Symposium in Bariloche 2009 in ten days (13-17 September). Is anybody from BioMineWiki coming?
    • As the BioMinEwiki users account for a major part of the small community of the biohydrometallurgists all over the world, many of them will attend the IBS, which is the main scientific event of this community. This is not clear how we'll do it but we'll make some publicity about BioMinEwiki at the occasion of the IBS.

Apply to become an administrator of the geology-section in BioMineWiki

Dear "hard core" economic geologist or "softer" geo-connoisseur,

The geology-section of BioMineWiki would need some more attention in order to grow and transform into a useful information-source. Check for example the geology-article. If you have a vision for the structure of these pages, have some hours left every month to structure and edit articles and are able to involve other geologists - perhaps friends, colleagues or students - then, please apply to become an administrator of the geology-section in BioMineWiki. Your payment is the satisfaction of building a free information resource on geology almost from the start.

As the BioMineWiki focuses on biohydrometallurgy, geology articles should have a section highlighting the connection to biohydrometallurgy (if relevant). In practice, you will get a lot of freedom. The BioMineWiki team is flexible. Let us know if you are interested by mailing to --Anna Bauer 15:56, 19 September 2007 (CEST)


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