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Employ and enjoy

Time is ripe for the first BioMineWiki newsletter! It is meant to give you a taste of the newborn darling. BioMineWiki was presented in September 2007 at the 17th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium in Frankfurt (were you there?). BioMineWiki was received with curiosity and much delight. It now has approximately 100 registered users from companies and universities around the world. Still, BioMineWiki is quite young and will need a lot of attention and grooming like all newborns. Are you a newbie to wikis and BioMineWiki? Then I wish to send regular updates by this newsletter to inform you about the latest events and to point out some of the possibilities.

In this newsletter:

  • Refreshed Main Page
  • Check out new articles
  • Knowledge hunt - adopt geology section
  • Answer an FAQ
  • Contact

Refreshed Main Page

Three boxes describing the major activities on BioMineWiki have been added. The search, browse and edit boxes on the Main Page give the visitor a short introduction to each action. The welcome box at the top of the page counts the number of new articles. Today there are 535 articles in the database. To comment on the new structure then follow the link: Talk:Main_Page.

Check out new articles

Some new articles added since the Biohydrometallurgy Symposium 2007:


Microbial growth - Metabolism - SRB Identification/Characterization - Fluorescence_in_situ_hybridization - CARD-FISH Genetic_variation - Conjugation - Transformation - Transduction EPS - 16S_ribosomal_RNA


BiooxidationRedox transformations of metals Applications of sulfate reducing_prokaryotes Biocoagulation - Bioflotation Frequently_asked_questions_on_biohydrometallurgy Biological_sulfide_production (with embedded flash animation)


Weathering_as_a_cause_of_mineral_layer_formation Refractory_gold - European_non-ferrous_metal_resources Hydrogen sulfide - Sulfide_versus_hydroxide_precipitation Passivating_layer - Eh-pH_diagram - Toxicity

Knowledge hunt - adopt geology section

Dear geologist or geo-connoisseur,

The geology-section of BioMineWiki requires more attention in order to grow and transform into a useful information-source (for example check the geology – article). If you have a vision for the structure of these pages, have some time left to structure and edit articles and are able to involve other geologists - perhaps friends, colleagues or students - then, email to become administrator of the geology-section in BioMineWiki . Enjoy the satisfaction of building a free information resource on geology almost from start.

Answer a FAQ

Even though the aim of BioMineWiki is to be a rich encyclopaedic material that is even useful for professionals, questions of a more basic and philosophic nature are also encouraged. Therefore, log in and try to answer the FAQ of this newsletter:

If bioleaching bacteria have existed for many millions of years and so has rocks and mountains – why is not all possible bioleaching already done and the bacteria starved to death?

And - in these days:

As bioleaching microbes consume CO2, wouldn't bioleaching operations be a good way to reduce the greenhouse-effect?

Do you agree with the presented answer? If not … Well, you are only fingertips away from publishing your opinion on the matter! Employ and enjoy.


If you wish to be removed from this mailing list, email (anna.h.bauer@gmail) and add "Please, remove me from the BiMineWiki newsletter list" in the subject row. For further information regarding this message, email or phone the administrator of BioMineWiki .

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