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Extractive metallurgy, especially hydrometallurgy including biohydrometallurgy are the target scientific fields of BioMineWiki.

To understand biohydrometallurgy you must know some biology, especially microbiology. How do microbes affect the elemental cycles? How can microbes act as geological agents affecting minerals and ores (geomicrobiology)?

Related fields also covered here are for example environmental concerns and geology.

The main goal with BioMineWiki is to spread cross-disciplinary knowledge related to biohydrometallurgy. Note that BioMineWiki has the ambition rather to include than to exclude content. So if you are not finding exactly your field but still believe you have content of interest to the community, add it - motivate why you include it. It may be removed but it may also be appreciated and give rise to more valuable content.


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