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Organisms are classified according to environmental factors. These environmental factors select whether an organism will survive, grow or die. Since microbes are small they are affected by changes in the microenvironment. They interact with other microbes.

Microbial consortiumBiofilmPlanktonic versus attached populationCommunityAMD sitesPHMicrobes as geological agentsEngineered environments for bioleachingWetlandsARD sitesCompost bioreactors "anaerobic wetlands"Permeable reactive barriersAcidic industrial wastewatersGeothermal areasTemperatureFactors affecting the environment for geomicrobes
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If certain bioleaching microbes are able to change electron acceptor from oxygen to something else are current treatments of acid mine drainage still useful?

Give examples of environmental changes (relevant in biohydrometallurgy) that will affect the growth of microbes. Comment whether these changes are created intentionally by mankind or are a result of microorganisms, weathering processes, etc. Especially consider


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