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First you must have a user name and password. You can get this by registering as a BioMineWiki user. When you have registered an email is sent to the email address which you have designated. This may take a day or so - depending on the administrator. The email has the subject Password reminder from BioMineWiki and the sender "". The password reminder contains a temporary new password. When you log in to BioMineWiki with the new password, you are immediately asked to change password to something suiting you.

If you are a registered user with user name and a working password:

  • "log in" in the upper right corner
  • Click "my preferences" also among the top right corner links
  • Change your password

If the password you were given in the email Password reminder from BioMineWiki is not working, even though you spell correctly and use correct user name, your password has probably become out of date. How do I get a new password?

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