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Every article has a history of changes made to it. Every time a user saves changes to an article, the new version is saved, but the old version is still kept, now as a part of the history of the article. Also, for every saved change, the username or IP-address of the editor is registered. Therefore, you can follow the history of each article and see who has made what kind of changes and when this happened by watching all the earlier versions of the article. If necessary you can roll back (revert) to an earlier version. This is called version control.

This eliminates the fear of making mistakes when editing. Nothing disappears and all changes can be tracked back in time. Wikis are designed with the philosophy of making it easy to correct (undo) mistakes (damage), rather than making it difficult to make them. One reason for this kind of soft protection is to convince people to act friendly in thecommunity.


You notice the history tab if you are logged in.

For example, let's check the history of the article "History of biohydrometallurgy". Here you can see that the first version was added by Helmut Brandl 08:22, 2 November 2007. But the administrator formatted the article to make it look better and to link to other wiki-articles. For example, a later version was created at 10.00. This version was further improved by admin to become the current version. You can track the differences among the versions and watch the changes too. For example watch the differences between the 10.00 version and the 13.01 version

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