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Microbial bioassay is a method that can be used to generate information about the growth substrate and the living conditions for microorganisms by studying the microorganisms themselves under controlled conditions. It also enables the study of specific processes by manipulating the microorganisms in the system through changing conditions or by substrate additions.

The Respicond (link Respicond) is used for microbial bioassays, and has for example been used to study availability of nitrogen and phosphorus for microorganisms. The method can be used both for soil samples and water samples and measures respiration at set time intervals. It uses KOH as a carbondioxid trap and platinum electrodes to measure the decrease in conductivity as carbondioxid accumulates in the trap. The Respicond reports respiration as carbondioxid respired per hour, and respiration kinetics gives information about microbial growth parameters and can give information also about the availability of specific compounds.

Image:Respicond_data_table.jpg Image:Respicond_data_figure.png
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