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The definition of mineralization and biomineralization are (unfortunately) used differently by different scientists.

Mineralization is defined as release of metals from dead biomass. Mineralization is defined as degradation of dead organic matter into inorganic matter.

Heavy metal contamination may slow down OM breakdown. ???


Concerning the term biomineralization, there are two meanings:

  1. The metabolism of organic molecules to produce carbon dioxide and energy [1]
  1. The process by which microorganisms mediate and catalyse inorganic reactions to form new mineral assemblages. The formation of minerals by microbial cells. The minerals produced harden or stiffen existing tissues which is a process a cell directs to make its structure. Biomineralization may be used to stabilise soluble toxic materials into non-mobile mineral assemblages.

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  • " Biomineralization encompasses all mineral-containing tissues formed by organisms to fulfill a variety of different functions, such as in shells, skeleton, teeth and the like. Crystal formation is often controlled in all its aspects, from inception to orientation, size, shape and assembly. "[1]
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  1. Ledin M, Pedersen K, 1996. The environmental impact of mine wastes - Roles of microorganisms and their significance in treatment of mine wastes. Earth-Science Reviews, 41: p71
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