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Some of the compounds in the oxide group are natural oxides found in nature and some have been converted to oxides. Carbonates are sometimes converted to oxides by means of calcinations and sulfides by roasting. Some examples of oxide minerals are:

Natural oxides
Bauxite Al(OH)3 Gibbsite
AlOOH Böhmite
Copper oxides Cu2O Cuprite
CuO Tenorite
Zinc oxide ZnO Zincite
Tin oxide SnO2 Cassiterite
Uranium oxide UO2 Uraninite

Carbonates, converted to oxides by calcination
Copper carbonates Cu2[(OH)2)(CO3)] Malachite
Cu3[(OH)(CO3)]2 Azurite
Zinc carbonates ZnCO3 Smithsonite

sulfides, converted to oxides by roasting
Zinc sulfide ZnS Sphalerite
Copper sulfide CuFeS2 Chalcopyrite


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