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The process of removing environmental contamination (such as hazardous waste, petroleum, pollutants) from a site or land.

Remediation technologies

Remediation technologies used to treat soil or ground water include:

  • Air sparging: injection of gas to volatilise contaminants dissolved in ground water.
  • In situ flushing: injection of flushing solutions into contaminated soil/ ground water followed by downgradient extraction of ground water and elutriate (solution mixed with contaminants). This solution is treated above ground and or re-injected.
  • In situ fixation or immobilization: stabilizing agents are injected into the contaminated soil or ground water. Contaminants are physically bound or encapsulated within a solidified mass or stabilised through chemical reaction.
  • Bioremediation: microbial degradation of contamination.
  • Phytoremediation: use of plants to remediate soil in situ.

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