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When writing a new article or linking to an article, spelling correctly is very important. If the article-name is misspelled the link may be misleading. By misleading is meant that the link will turn out red (and signal that no information is present on the subject) even though information on the subject exists in the wiki. Hence there is a risk for duplicate information.

Duplicate information is especially tricky to avoid when words are correctly spelled in several different ways. For example:

  • Nitrogen nitrification or Nitrogen Nitrification. In BioMineWiki, choose Nitrogen nitrification.
  • mobilise (BR) or mobilize (US)
  • speed of dissolution or dissolution rate
  • Acid mine drainage or AMD or Acid mine drainage (AMD). See also How to handle abbreviations
  • sulphur (BR) or sulfur (US) - Use sulfur according to IUPAC [1].
    • The spelling of sulphur is "sulfur" in the USA and now that IUPAC has decided it has jurisdiction over the British English language (as distinct from American English) as well as nomenclature, so people in the UK are expected to use the letter f.

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