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Hej, I have edited the article, because I prepared some text as well. I mainly added text and titles, with one exception. I have taken out sequencing techniques from screening paragraph and reworked it substantially. I think is was written very much with a 'function approach' and that is not really how it is used. Sequencing total DNA is not really screening for anything, don't you think? I also tried to point out that cloning is not a necessary step and in general metagenomic projects will vary depending on the goal. I think it was very clearly seen in how we wrote the articles, me from 'sequence' point of view and you from 'function' point of view! Kasia

Hej, Just want to say I think you really improved the article. I also agree that sequencing total DNA is not screening and was surprised when I found those terms associated in the literature. From now on I won't use it like that anymore : )!


It's cool that we wrote about the same thing and together it made a nice article. My funtion-approach part was really poor ;-) cheers, Kasia

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