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"The Invisible Miners" is a HDTV documentary produced for the BioMine project as an exploitation tool. Film material has been recorded in Sweden, Finland, Spain, Uganda and Belgium between may and November 2008. The film is intended for distribution to TV documentary and education channels in Europe and globally. All education use is free, as well as use by EU organisations and BioMinE partners organisations. Show on National Swedish Television Dec 20th 2009. The whole film can be watched here [1], from NTUA in Greece or on YouTube in 5 sections: [2]

  • Subcontractor is MCN Production in Skellefteå.
  • Producer is Christer Nyström, narrator Lena Malmström.
  • The film will exist in several versions - 36, 42, 58 minutes, as well as modularised for use on streaming video sites.
  • Screenshot:

More info to come.

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