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15 October 2007

Great work Jacco!

Let me know if you need help! Cheers

--Anna Bauer 17:26, 15 October 2007 (CEST)

17 October 2007

Concerning our cooperation and the wiki-pages prepared upon the structure of the word-document that we set up on your visit to SkellefteƄ last autumn:

The wiki-pages are gathered here: Metal recovery and water treatment. I have embedded the content of Metal recovery and water treatment also here for the ease of discussion:

Embedded content (start)

Useful terms:

Legislation - General remarks on legislation associated to metal recovery and water treatment

Recovery of metals from pregnant leach solution - Many sublinks here are good but some are lacking and some are insufficient.

Re-use of water - Example for bioleaching flow-sheets, TR, Mintek

Bleed-treatment - Here a lot of information needs to be added

Cases - A good article but more examples are welcome.

Embedded content (end)

As some information concerning the above links is already present in the wiki I have linked to those pages. Therefore - AMD and process effluent are blue. Though, you might still want to add information to these articles ... An advice is to check the present information (written by others, usually me) of such links in case something is not correct or should be improved. Except for AMD and process effluents, this also concerns other links present as sublinks, for example SX/EW and chemical precipitation. One way to let me know if you have checked the facts of a page is to add the code {{Reviewed}} at the bottom of the article.

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