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When we "google" we are usually only able to passively read the information that we encounter. It is often tricky to change. If we think that something in the material we are reading is not correct or if we have information to add, we usually need to contact the person who is responsible for uploading the webpage to the server in order to suggest our changes.

This person may not agree with our suggestions, and also, even if he or she agrees, it will probably take time before the page is updated since the webmaster may be too busy to deal with the issue immediately. This is even more likely if the workload is heavy as when many people want to add or change information often. Then the webmaster will become a bottleneck that slows down the updating of a page or building of a site. Even more likely than the mentioned scenario - when you encounter a piece of information on the internet that you could improve you don’t, because it is too complicated.

That is what a wiki is not.

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