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Here the BioMinE project results will be clarified, awaiting some IPR questions (Intellectural Property Rights management). The main exploitable results are within the fields of

BioMinE ranks as the largest single public money-funded project, in terms of both financial resources and human endeavour, undertaken in the general field of biohydrometallurgy. Bringing together leading scientists in academia and industry from both Europe and South Africa, it has provided a unique opportunity to make major advances in the general area of geomicrobiology, particularly with regard mineral bioprocessing and biorecovery technologies. While the BioMinE project targeting specific applications in mineral biotechnologies, it also provided the opportunity for participant scientists to advances knowledge and understanding in more fundamental areas of minerals science. Such studies are necessary both to underpin current and emerging applications and to provide the framework for future developments in biomining.

BioMinE has earned a prominent position in the history of biohydrometallurgy by harnessing the efforts of the leading European and South African authorities in the field, and focusing this collective expertise in applying the technology to sustainably exploit European metal resources.

The magnitude of the project and the prominence of the partners has given tremendous impetus to European interest in biohydrometallurgy.

BioMinE has identified various opportunities for applying biohydrometallurgy technology in Europe, and has demonstrated the viability of doing so. The European mining and metallurgical industry is likely to evaluate the use of the technology for improvement to the processes it employs for extracting metals from its mineral resources. Adoption of the technology is envisaged to improve metal recoveries, and hence improve profitability, as well as reducing the adverse environmental impact of mining operations by reducing the residue metal content.

The BioMinE consortium believes that these new technologies open avenues to sustainably exploit European mineral resources that previously could not be viably processed using conventional tecnology.

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