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BioMineWiki is a free, cross-disciplinary information resource on metal extraction, removal of metal from effluents, microbes and elemental cycles and how microbes affect minerals and metals in a wiki. Search and browse the collection of articles and pictures. If you register you can also contribute to the content.


Who is producing the content?

In short - you might! Students, scholars, educators, experts and professionals skilled in the scope of BioMineWiki are welcome to participate in editing when you have received username and password.


  • To share knowledge about topics you are interested in or working with
  • To improve content by letting many brains work on the same subject
  • To discuss problems and tasks on the discussion-pages
  • To meet new people in your field
  • To find material for your presentation or lecture
  • To put biohydrometallurgy on the map, making the field known also to the general public
  • To assign page creation and editing as projects for your students.

More examples ...

Who is reading the content?

  • Microbiologists who want to know more about hydrometallurgy
  • Hydrometallurgists who want to know more about microbiology
  • Geologists who want to know more about biohydrometallurgy
  • Employees at companies or authorities related to mining or the removal of metal from water
  • Natural science students and others with a special interest in metallurgy, geology, geomicrobiology and related fields


This learning object, an integrated mindmap and wiki, increases the number of various, free training and learning objects within the area of biohydrometallurgy and related fields. It is funded by BioMinE which also sponsors other resources and learning tools on biohydrometallurgy.


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