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Search, browse and download information

  • You want to learn about “biooxidation”? You type the word in the search bar and read the corresponding article.
  • You want to learn more about “biohydrometallurgy”? You browse your way from the main page and read those articles you find fruitful.
  • You need pictures for your presentation on flotation? Download some from BioMineWiki. You pay courtesy by acknowledging BioMineWiki and the author of the picture by stating the source in your presentation.

Edit and upload information

  • You have taken some utterly beautiful pictures of some minerals which you gladly want to share. A geologist has, for example, contributed with information to this article
  • A colleague of yours asks you to describe a process which you are working with. The colleague does not know the subject at all and need a basic, common description. Instead of mailing an answer to your colleague, you create a new article in BioMineWiki. Or you develop and improve the text that might already exist about the process. Finally you send your colleague the link as an answer.
  • You have presented your exam-work. Your presentation was appreciated and the introduction was full of many clear and pedagogical pictures which you have produced yourself. Therefore you upload the pictures along with a short explanation of their meaning and state yourself as source if somebody wants to use the pictures.
  • You want to share the information you got and simultaneously (hopefully) get in touch with other, more initiated people which you usually do not have contact with.
  • You are responsible for marketing at a company and want to attract more ex-workers. You realize that BioMineWiki will be used by many students and professionals. Therefore you make sure that your company upload picture and text in order to get publicity among the users and show that your company is a notable company within the scope of BioMineWiki. You also suggest that some employees describe their work. For example, what is an ordinary working week like for a prospector? Or for a microbiologist?
  • You have studied a subject in a course. The lecturer has checked your essay or examination and commented upon it. You are content with your work. Instead of hiding it away in a chest of drawers you try to complement BioMineWiki with well chosen parts.
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