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Q: Why is there a need for a special article like "Ion exchange" if such an article already exists in Wikipedia?

A: Well, that is a justified question.

The main page of Wikipedia deals with various subjects, most of them not relevant to Biohydrometallurgy. The main page of BioMineWiki is directly related to Biohydrometallurgy and closely related fields. Our main purpose with BioMineWiki is to provide people in the field of Biohydrometallurgy with a community they feel comfortable with. It is hoped that they may more easily come to interact in a smaller, more focused community than they would be within Wikipedia. The sense of being part of a team (many have actually met eachother at BioMinE-conferences) may enhance the will of a user to become an active editor (which may mean more free learning material for everyone). We could have kept BioMineWiki locked, to be written entirely by BioMinE-people and then, when the project is finished, present the material to the world. On the other hand, there are people interested in Biohydrometallurgy that are not participants in BioMinE but who naturally have useful information and ideas. Hence, we opened the wiki up a bit. One still has to register and claim special interest in BioMineWiki-subjects. One reason for the registration is that many people hesitate to write in Wikipedia since it is completely free to change by anyone, registered or not. This is hence not the case in BioMineWiki.In general, it is good to have different sources to read from.

As administrator of BioMineWiki and assistant to the coordination of "Training" within BioMinE, I find that this community is also a tool to keep in touch with people interested in BioMineWiki-subjects. I can send more focused information and questions to participants. The work package Training which is part of, and financed by, BioMinE, has to account for what is being achieved. BioMineWiki is small and hence more manageable and under the control of BioMinE. BioMineWiki is a way to gather and account for work by BioMinE-participants as well as others interested in the field. In the long run, BioMineWiki may outgrow its purpose. The final destiny of BioMineWiki is not settled. Perhaps there are reasons to rethink some ideas or, in the future, even to integrate the information in it with Wikipedia.

--Anna Bauer 16:03, 8 November 2007 (CET)

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