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If you want to find information in the BioMineWiki there are several options:

  • The navigation panel to the left contain some useful links:
    • The Main Page link will naturally take you to the Main Page. Same thing if you click on the logo in the top-left corner.
    • All pages present all pages of this wiki from A to Z, independent of context.
    • Wanted pages links to a list of suggested articles. These empty pages, yet only owing a name describing the future content, are listed there for registered users to find and edit them.
    • Recent changes let you see what articles that have been recently created or changed and by whom. In other words, recent changes show you where the activity of editing BioMineWiki is right now.
    • Gallery of new files
    • Help links to pages on how to read, edit and administrate BioMineWiki.

Other ways to navigate BioMineWiki is to use the

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