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As a part of dissemination activities in the BioMinE project a model of a bioleaching plant, or rather two (one heap leaching plant process and one stirred tank biooxidation process), has been built in the web-based environment Second Life. This is useful for learning purposes also.

The plant has been built by 4 students from LTU in the summer and autumn of 2008, 3 from its Computer Graphics programme (Magnus Hertzberg, Martin Olsson and Lisa Hellström), and one student adviser from the Metallurgy Engineering programme (Anette Rönnebro). It resides on the LTU island, and permits public access.

Possible learning uses are numerous:

  • Stroll, fly and climb around, read the info signs and understand how a bioleaching plant can be constructed.
  • Interact and communicate spontaneously with voice or chat with other users You meet around the plant
  • Arrange guided tours in real-time, and show and discuss what You see with other in the group.
  • Produce easily instruction films for web use, which can be published on YouTube or other streaming video sites or used in the classroom or in learning platforms
  • Produce photos of the equipment or processes for print-out, use in slide presentations, illustrations in scientific papers or posters, instructive press images and general web use.
  • Arrange voice or chat discussions besides the plant, using the auditorium.
  • Arrange lectures about bioleaching, using the auditorium
  • Use the environment for a whole web-based course, where both teachers and students are avatars.
  • Develop the environment as a part of the learning process - but You have to get permission from the land owner LTU in that case.
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