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Welcome to BioMineWiki
- the free and live knowledge base focused on biohydrometallurgy
698 articles in English

Microbes as geological agentsNeutralised & purified waterNeutralised & purified waterNeutralised & purified waterRecovered metalsRecovered metalsRecovered metalsBiohydrometallurgyGeochemistryHydrometallurgyMineral transformations
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Navigate BioMineWiki by using the left panel or use the hyperlinked mindmaps (like the one above) to find your way. Most articles in the A-Z index are also ordered into categories like:

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This wiki is free for everybody to read and allow registered users to edit and hence improve and expand the content. Some pages are just waiting to find an author ...

Do you have new ideas, wishes or visions - state your opinion, join the team and help BioMineWiki to develop.


BioMineWiki increases the number of various, free training and learning objects within the area of biohydrometallurgy and related fields. The work is funded by BioMinE, part of the Sixth Framework Programme.

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