Reduced inorganic sulfur compound

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Reduced inorganic sulfur compounds.

The sulfur compounds thiosulfate and polysulfide are often referred to as RISCs: reduced inorganic sulfur compounds. They are reduced relative to the highest oxidation state of S, +6 as the sulfur in sulfate.

While the environment contains oxidised species like ferric iron and, in aerobic conditions, oxygen, the RISCs are susceptible to further oxidation with ferric iron or oxygen as oxidising agent. The oxidation of the resulting sulfur compounds will continue until the RISCs are transformed to sulfate and acidity, that is sulfuric acid. Hence pH will fall unless some alkaline rock or soil reaction dissolves basic minerals such as carbonates that compensate for the formed acidity.

Some of these stages of RISC oxidation can be catalysed by bioleaching microbes.

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