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When editing an article, one should always provide a summary. Even a short description is better than none at all. Especially if you have deleted or modified another user's text, you should comment on it, so that the alterations are not interpreted as being malicious. In addition, modifications that are not explained are more likely to be undone. However, lengthy explanations should be reserved for the discussion page. Registered users may define their edit as "minor edit", i.e. to indicate relative insignificant changes, such as in correcting a typing error or making any formatting changes. Before saving, simply mark the box next to "This is a minor edit" below the summary.

Registered users have the option of hiding unimportant alterations on the Recent changes page. The decision as to whether modifications are major or minor is, of course, a subjective one, and may lead to readers missing out on important information. That is why you should think carefully about how other users would assess your modifications.

The summary is displayed in black italics on the Recent changes page, as well as the history and differences pages.

Abbreviations used in the summary box

Here you can suggest and list abbreviations and their interpretation. Use these abbreviations in the summary box.

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