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Grants, New Mexico Uran utvinns/renas från grundvattnet

  1. I wonder why there is a need in a special article "Ion exchange" if such article already exists in Wikipedia?
  2. The figure presents a very inconvenient set-up of an ion exchange experiment. Who owns the original file (Photoshop? Illustrator?) Very simple corrections could be highly desirable.
    1. You may be right that the set-up of the experiment may be inconvenient. The image was made to illustrate the priciple of cat ion exchange (which I still hope it does?). I own the original file which is a flash-file. I would be really greatful if you would like to do the necessary corrections to make it more useful. And, naturally it will be free for Wikipedia to use as long as it is referenced in the right way (BioMineWiki? , by courtesy of author (which this time is me)). Actually, I have been thinking of adding simply the numbers instead of the text so that people can use different kind of texts to describe the action.
      1. The fugure is very nice but needs a little. I am not familiar with Flash. Please, put a plug at top of the colum Image:Ie71109.gif and you will have no need to vatch the experiment every 10 seconds because the in and out flows will be sinchronised:)) And the caption should be "Simplest cation exchange experiment"
        1. Ok. I have uploaded two new pictures with with rubber plugs. One with a text description (the one used in this article) and one only described with numbers so that people can add text adjusted to their needs.
        2. Concerning the plug - If there is no plug which flow would go fastest, the one through the container with the buffer or the one through the column?
  3. I am trying to introduce major changes in the text. Start today and should add more later on.
    1. Great work! Could this statement be clarified: "Contrary to many other chemical separations, reactions (1) and (2) can be successfully used even if they are shifted to "wrong" direction."? --Anna Bauer 18:14, 11 November 2007 (CET)
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