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Microbes as geological agents

Microbes as geological agents

Isolation identification Adaptation

Microbe classification according to ecotype moderately and extremely thermo-acidophilic iron and/or sulphur oxidizing bacteria, chemolitotrophic bacteria

Bioleaching microbes the three major groups of iron and/or sulfur oxidizing bacteria A. ferrooxidans Rhizopus arizus Fungal biodegradation

Crud Formation by Bacteria leads to Decreasing the Efficiency of the Extraction in SX Plants

Nutrition - agriculture fertilizers versus standard bacterial culture media

Environmental factors - pH Particle size effects pulp density

Leaching theory and kinetics kinetics kinetic parameters

standard cyanidation gas analysers

Biohydrometallurgy Application Potential of Biohydrometallurgy

Bioleaching Bioleaching and the current world situation

Microbially influenced corrosion Preventing bacterial degradation of metal working fluids (MWF)

Interactions between the organic phase and the bacteria introduced into a solvent extraction (SX) plant.

Bioreactor construction of bioreactors

airlift loop reactors, air lift loop bioreactors Series of Airlift Bioreactors agitation agitated bioreactors a series of stirred tank bio-reactors Column bioleaching Column leaching different sizes of leaching and bioleaching columns biosorption Indirect bioleaching Selective bioleaching Continuous bioleaching bioleaching Electrobioleaching Biological copper extraction

in-situ in-situ leaching heap leaching

Geocoat technology


Geology hypogene zone

Environment/community interactions Gotorosii Acidic hot spring

Mine Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine

Metal bearing materials

Metal bearing materials oxide ores chalcocite selenite reverberatory furnace copper slag, copper converter slag electroferining anode sludge, anodic sludge Selenium molybdenite rhenium Tellurium Copper dust dusts electrofilter copper dusts, smelter factory dustmelting furnaces dust smelting furnaces dust copper concentrates concentrates molybdenite concentrate activated pyrite copper ore , active pyrite refractory gold pyretic ore refractory pyretic concentrate agglomerated low grade copper ore role of clay minerals in the bioleaching of low-grade copper ore

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